Modern Interior Designs — February 24, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Modern Techniques In Inteior Decoration


Contemporary interior decorating designing themes use new techniques and materials to achieve an effect that is awesome to say the least. When it comes to decorative installations the most popular ones are metal, hand-blown glass and good old concrete. While one may argue that use of metals in interior decoration is not new, we do come across many artifacts and metal sculptures with modern as well as abstract themes. Metals are more often than not used for emphasis and accents in fixtures. The thing about the use of metal is that it gives forth a totally sleek and elegant feel. It is used to enhance the look and feel and warmth of the accompanying decorative elements and object in the room.

A well chosen hand-blown glass decorative element also creates a distinctive effect to your homes. The effect it has is comparable to a wall art fixture or a table piece sculpture – only that it shows off much better than the other two with the right lighting effect. It can also be used as a lighting fixture as in domes and concealed lighting. Use of colored hand blown glass can go with any scheme of decoration you choose.

In a contemporary interior decoration theme one must pay enough attention to the use of concrete – decorative concrete. The finish of decorative concrete is truly awesome and it can be installed in any number of places – floors, countertops and even furniture. The versatility of ready mix concrete is not used by many home owners and even professional interior decorators to its fullest. This is why  it is important to hire an interior decorator who is open to ideas and is willing to experiment.

The final touches should be added by the right use of color and lighting. One should never underestimate the importance of these elements in interior decoration, especially in contemporary and modern interior decoration. Simplicity trends would take us to colors such as beige, gray, off-white and browns complement with a contrast of bright accent walls. Lighting should accentuate the beauty of the room. Show the focal point furniture and decorative pieces in the best light! Floor lamps would do a great job and so would track lighting elements.  The idea here is to create clean lines while emphasizing the features of all the objects of art.

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