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Moroccan Interior Decor


There is something so very elegant and mysterious about a Moroccan interior decor. If you are craving to create an exotic feel to the rooms in your home, you should definitely consider the Moroccan style! Many modern homes are going for the feel of this exciting style with its mosaic patterns, vibrant and electrifying colors and designer wood patterns intricately carved, all resulting in a super luxurious and dramatic milieu.

Moroccan interior decor

Moroccan interior decor

What’s so special about the Moroccan interior? You might well ask. This North African country by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the vast Atlantic Ocean in the North-west has a unique culture associated with it! You can see a delightful blend of Spain, Portugal and France in the north and the Islamic culture from the south. This has resulted in a very inspirational and unique élan very specific to Morocco.

Potted plants, sun streaming into the interior, intricately adorned furniture with matching accessories do manage to create a near perfect indoor oasis that is both cooling and comforting! The outdoors is literally brought indoors here. So go in for a Moroccan interior if that is what you are looking for. Added to these will be the bold patterned colorful oriental rugs, tiles of terra cotta and wood furnishings darkened that look almost antique. Go in for jewel glass works for your windows and lamps and accentuate every part of your room.

The colors you choose should be almost always hot hues – dynamic oranges, deep reds, and blue of the deep blue ocean. Sparkling greens of the everchanging colors of the sea – brings forth into your interior a panorama of amazing vibrancy. Go in for the excesses – an abundance in colors that have never been used in an ordinary household before. Take that bold step and see the dramatic effect of it all.

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