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Neon Colors in the Living Room


This room, designed by acclaimed interior decorator, Karim Rashid, is not for the faint-hearted. It is a crazy mix of neon brights and other primary colors. This room is very modernistic and bold- it has a futuristic feel to it.The madness of color harmonizes itself in the overall design. The entire room is a piece of art, though the question of how livable it actually is arises. The decorator has also used bold shapes and designs. The sofa is white with bright blue and neon orange patterns, while the cushions are of a completely clashing, black and purple pattern.

There is a very futuristic coffee table in the centre. It reminds one of the “futuristic” furniture in the classic movie “Back to the Future”. The sofa or chaise on the other side is a bright “Nickelodeon Orange” that very weirdly complements the other sofa.

The entire floor is a pale, baby pink. Under the table is a carpet with pink and light blue in pastels. This is a contrast to the wild boldness of the other furniture and works excellently.

In terms of accessories, there is a flat screen plasma television on the wall- and everyone knows these are the way to the future. The shelf is made of frosted glass and white plastic and there is a bright, translucent, neon pink lampshade.

Even though this room seems to pay no attention to the beauty of nature, the designer has paid lots of attention to the streaming in of natural light. There are large windows with no curtains. The windows bring in a lot of natural light to the room and this fantastically brightens up the entire place.

This room is definitely not for everyone- as everyone has different taste. This kind of design is for people who are willing to experiment with space and are not afraid to use bright colors and liven up a place. It promises to be the design of the future- over the top though it might be.

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  1. I love this room
    But were can I buy this furniture

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