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Not a Lonely Sofa


Sofas in Living Rooms are the largest piece of furniture. Now were you ever stuck by the thought on what other furniture fixture should accompany a sofa to complement it? Coffee Table I guess is the answer most of you will come up with. But most of us are not always quite content with the Coffee Table that is placed next to sofa. Why don’t we think of many other options here!

We are all agreed that a Sofa however expensive and comfortable it maybe, definitely needs an accompaniment.  You may want a place to keep your books, magazines, your drinks, cell phone, and remote controls for AC, TV and the likes and sometimes even want to put your leg up for comfort! This means that the ‘accompaniment’ should be within easy reach of the sofa. Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

We are all agreed that we do need an extra piece of furniture. Depending upon the usage, we can think of whether we want this piece of furniture to have storage space – maybe for old magazines, numerous remotes, cellphones, and things like that. If that is the case, you can opt for a suitable table with storage space.  Remember whatever you decide to call this table it should be sized proportional to the size of your room. We don’t want too large a table that makes easy access to the sofa impossible or too small a table that does not serve the purpose. This table can be glass topped or made of solid wood, have a table skirt, remain unobtrusive or be made to look elegant and be a part of the focal point. If you want a table to rest your feet, choose an Ottoman with cushions. There are Ottomans available wherein you can remove the cushions when not needed and use it for regular ‘placing things’ function.

Remember your sofa sure needs an accompaniment and it is for you to choose the right one depending on your needs.

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