Bedroom Interior Designs — March 7, 2013 at 7:39 pm

Not just another bedroom. Think luxury and crazy!



Bedroom can be a work of art. Unusual design of bedrooms in today’s article. Original decor and textile, interesting lighting. Turning your most crazy ideas into reality.



Very bold move! Bedroom and bathroom combined with bed’s backside used as a divider. This is one huge bedroom, or maybe one huge bathroom? ;-) This mobile space can be used not only as a relax area. Wonderful. 



Marble wall just beside your bedhead. Looks at that cabinet and it’s mirror doors that set the tone for all room and make it look visually much bigger then it is. Masterpiece!



I don’t think this bedroom can be called standard by any meaning. You don’t see any nightstands, you don’t see standard bed. Instead you look at unusual designer bed that is made of a luxury red leather. Grey bedding is a great choice, as well as decor around the bed and interesting sculptures.



This bedroom is just another outside the box example that deserves admiration. Artsy chandelier, nightstands, veil – everything is one of a kind. Decorative brick wall matches the bricks used to decorate the building. Impressive!



Wow! These people have nothing to hide. They open the room that everyone is usually hiding. Let’s hope that beige curtains are not just a decor. 


Come back for more!

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