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Novelty In Interior Design Of Bedroom

Contemporary Uplifted Bed

Contemporary Uplifted Bed

In our world, one thing people constantly look for is novelty. Finding something strange and unique is always eye catching. Being too different can make something look downright weird, but when it is just right, the design becomes an artistic creation. It takes guts to experiment with interior design, and that is what is needed to create appeal.

This bed is easily the first of its kind I’ve seen. A legless bed is something that’ll catch someone’s attention immediately. This bedroom is designed in such a way that it oozes class and yet still looks relatively simple and spacious. The floor is a stony color, quite ordinary in fact. The tiles are small and square. This ordinary color allows a viewer’s attention to shift to the more important aspects of the room. For example, the bed.

The side table beside the bed is made of steel, and emphasizes the modern theme of this bedroom. Its table top is thin and spacious, and it has a lamp attached to it, one which allows a large amount of light to strike the bed area.

The walls and ceiling are a pure, clean white. White makes things look good because of the peaceful aura it seems to give out. The paintings on the wall are made of glass partly so that the white can be exposed behind it.

The rug on the ground near the bed is off white, and looks comfortable to touch. From the ceiling, a lovely chandelier hangs, sparkling and dazzling with light when it is lit.

The bed has no legs, as mentioned before. Its weight is concentrated on the large base touching the floor. The frame of the bed is in the form of a right angle. It is cream colored, while the mattress is a deep violet, the shade of grape juice. The mattress looks extremely comfy and the pillows are patterned well. Overall, this bedroom is designed with plenty of space, attractiveness, and novelty.

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