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Oasis like bedroom!

Bedroom Oasis

Bedroom Oasis

This amazing room is like a gift from the gods. It has a magnificent opening that connects the interior of the room with the outside world. This looks like the kind of bedroom architects like Frank Gehry and Lloyd Wright would be supremely proud of.

This marvel of a bedroom is very geometrically designed, with organic shapes thrown in here and there. The subtle tones are underplayed to bring the basic design of the room to the fore. The fireplace is inventively quirky, matching the rest of the room. The jagged edges of the room cleverly match the rocky landscape outside. This room is simply too cleverly designed to not love!

This is the sort of bedroom that is not for the faint-hearted. One needs to be experimental and a little crazy to enjoy this masterpiece. The colors of the room are monotonous, and are similar to the colors of the landscape- thus making the room look like a part of the expansive desert.

The floor is partially covered by glass, and the glass shows a water body underneath. A small sit-out has two armchairs and a television set which is attached to the wall. Next to the large bed is a floral painting, which lends a feminine vibe to an otherwise masculine looking room. Flowers on the corners and family photographs also lend a homely vibe. In the night, the room is perfect for young lovers and barbecue parties. The fireplace keeps the room warm and partially protected from the cold night air.

This room is perfect for a holiday-home. It has a very “holiday retreat” quality about it. Not many people would like to live in a room that never closes. This is a big room that is obviously very hard to maintain. It definitely looks worth it, though.

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