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Office Interior Desing Ideas


When it comes to commercial establishments, there is a whole new way of looking at interior designing. Just like home interiors every single detail is important while creating the right ambiance for your offices. This is the place that your employees are going to spend the better part of the day and this is the place which is going to influence your clients too and create an impression.

As with any kind of interiors, the basic color palette does indeed play a very important role here. Going in for harsh colors as in a retro home interior or a splashy contemporary interior is not going to help here. You have to put forth a modern, practical, and stylish decor to get it right. The best color choices for walls should be pastel shades. Other soft hues with matching sofas, curtains, and blinds could also add style to your business premises. To bring in colors to your office interiors you can actually think of using some molding that are not too extravagant when it comes to design and paint these molding in a contrasting color.

Furniture should be comfortable. If it is for the clients have comfortable sofas and chairs and if it is for the workers, ensure that the work tables and chairs are comfortable to sit on for long hours. You do see a lot of dark hued furniture in many commercial establishments. This could be chosen to contrast them with the light colored walls.  Furniture made of woods such as oak and pine do indeed manage to create a professional ambiance. But then there are a wide variety and range of furniture styles to choose from. Consistency is the key here. Choose furniture pieces that are consistent with your decor and wood work.

The next aspect is the lighting which adds the finishing touches to your decor. Lighting does indeed play a very important part in commercial establishments. Adequate illumination is a must – this is a business establishment and we don’t cozy dimmed lights here. The lighting course should complement the color palette and make the rooms in the commercial establishments large and bright and add to the professional touch.

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