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Office Interiors For Efficient and Effective Work Area

Interior design for an office

Interior design for an office

Office space should be comfortable, easy to maintain, and spacious. The office here has a  desk that resembles an incomplete rectangle made of light colored, smooth and shiny wood. The color of the wood matches the color on the cupboards above. In fact, it is the light and bright shade of the wood that catches the eye.

The surface of the desk has plenty of space for things like a computer, CDs, books, files, and of course, mugs of coffee or plates of food. The space also allows one to make it more attractive and appealing- using ornaments of decoration like vases of flowers and pictures.

The desk area is mainly lit by a lovely lamp shade sitting on the desk surface. Its  neck is curved and very thin, like a swans neck, but its shade is excellently designed. It is eye catching and lights up the room well. The color of the shade is a bright pumpkin orange, with little spots of light peering out of it.

On one side of the desk, next to the wall, we see more space. One thing we see in this design is a vast amount of space packed in a very small place. The three cupboard areas above the desk and attached to the wall have space for any files or papers a person may want to store.

The walls and ceiling of this room are painted a clean and peaceful white, and the floor is carpeted. The furniture in this room is also eye catching. The chairs are framed in the same wood as the desk and cupboard, but the cushions for the back rest and seat are beautifully crimson.

The window near the lampshade is also extremely eye catching. It is extremely large, and is made of darkened glass, to allow a cool atmosphere to pervade in the room. An office space always  needs a window to bring in some fresh air when needed, and that is why I feel this window is vital in its design. Overall, this office design is well done. It is small, but nevertheless spacious. It is not in the least cluttered though. The office chair looks comfortable and easy to use, and the whole room seems easy to maintain as well.

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