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Old Country Theme

Old Country Style

Old Country Style

The room displayed in the picture makes me feel good just by looking at it. The floor is smooth beige and brown, with differently shaded tiles. The floor looks beautiful in the light coming from the lampshade above.

The chair we see sitting next to the potted plant is one of the most eye catching features of the room. It is elegantly shaped, with short, curved legs and a tall backrest. The wood is a polished brown, and the seat is a darker brown. The legs are shaped like paws. On the seat, we see a half folded towel, with an ornamental sculpted chameleon weighing it down.

Beside the chair is an intricately made drawer, with two compartments. The handles are shaped like old fashioned door knockers, and the wood is a beautiful color. There is plenty of space on the top of the drawer, for ornaments or plants, or books even. There is plenty of space within the drawers. The platform offered by the top of the drawer is occupied by a slim necked lampshade, a bowl of fruit, and a beautifully sculpted ornament.

The wall is painted an off white, and has space to hang pictures and portraits, as shown in the picture. The wall’s color reemphasizes the theme of warm colors in this room.

In fact, everything about this room seems to exude warmth, from the lighting, to the color of the furniture, to the color of the wall.

Behind the chair, we see something that catches the eye almost immediately. The use of plants in interior design always gets high marks. Indeed, we see two over here, adding a certain amount of contrast to the room, while also bringing in a natural addition.

To conclude, this room is well designed. It is a good mixture of traditional and modern design setting. It is also a good example of good decoration, especially with the vase on the floor, and the chameleon sculpture on the chair.

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