Kitchen Interior Designs — April 30, 2011 at 10:10 am

Old Oak Kitchen Cabinets – Make them look new!


Nothing like a home improvement job to keep your spirits high! As a matter of fact this has a great therapeutic effect if you down and need some lifting up of spirits.

Well there are so many Do It Yourself jobs at home that it can keep you occupied for a life time! The magic of it all lies at the sight of the newly ‘improved’ home! Try this therapy and you will know exactly what I talking about! There could be nothing more rewarding that this! Remodeling and redecorating you homes could definitely give you a special ‘high’!

When you have decided to make some improvement to your home, you will not be quite sure as to where you can get started. Here is something you can do. Here’s something you can do to your old oak cabinets. Well while the oak is one of best woods you can use to make furniture, they too can get weather beaten over the years. This is more so in the case where a kitchen is lined with oak cabinets. They tend to get stained and lose their sheen and as a result the kitchen may not look as attractive as you would like it to.

Now you have to options to repair this damage. Remodel the entire kitchen cabinet and storage space by removing the old oak and putting up new ones or repaint the old oak. The latter would be less time consuming, economical and also environment friendly. And after all why should you discard good quality oak! Choose a color that matches the kitchen walls or a color that could provide accents to you kitchen. If you kitchen walls are pale blue, go in for a dark blue color to the paint the oak. What you musts do before you apply the coat of paint is to prime the oak surface and with the aid of sand paper give it a good hand sand and then start painting over it. Once the first coat of paint is dry give it another coat to bring out the true color. Bingo! You have an altogether new kitchen now without having spent a ton on remodeling!

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  1. I love these! What color are they painted?

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