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Oriental wallpaper design for house interiors

Oriental style wallpaper

Oriental style wallpaper

Oriental design was once quite the rage in Victorian architecture and design. It was used in wallpaper, carpets and drapery quite extensively. It was well liked because of its richness in color and pattern. There is a very decorative element in Chinoiserie that is very attractive to the eye.

Chinese and Oriental patterns mainly consist of landscapes rendered in a very detailed manner. Embroidery or rice paint is very popular. Oriental art brings to mind silk and watercolors.

Interior design today houses mainly two kinds of design. One is the minimalist style with sleek furniture and basic colors. White, black and grey are very popular in this kind of design. On the other end of the spectrum, design gives a nod to history and art and design in history. Victorian styles are very well appreciated. Art Deco and Art Nouveau are also quite popular.

Oriental wallpaper can make a room look exciting, vibrant and gorgeous. It is better to place the wallpaper on only one side of the room so it doesn’t hurt the eyes. Too much of a good thing is never nice especially when decorating a home. Also, it is important to remember that furniture and objects should not clash with the wallpaper. With Oriental wallpaper, one must understand that it should be the center of attention, so make sure you keep everything else simple.

Simplicity is one of the favorite words of a designer. Complications can hurt the eyes and is not very aesthetically pleasing.

The colors found in Oriental design are mainly red, orange and yellow. However, there are some beautiful designs that use colors like mint green, sky blue and peach. Cooler shades and tints can create a peaceful atmosphere in a space that is calming and pleasant.

In conclusion, Oriental design is the way to go!

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