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Traditional interior in Sweden apartment

  In today’s apartment you can see an interesting mix of different cultures and timelines. Modern things can be very well balanced with items from the old past.

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Interior details

  It is always important to pay attention to decor details, as it is very important part of your interior. 

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Let’s make a bright and shiny decorative vase!

  Finally spring has hit Europe and with the coming of the summer, you started to think how to add more bright colors to your interior. The answer is simple, how about adding some handmade vases and paint them with a color of your choice. 

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Duplex apartment for twins in Brooklyn

  “The details are all the difference” – says one of the twin brothers that live in this nice duplex apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Sharing same interests through out apartment and mixing many different things together is a way to go.

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Country house near Madrid, Spain

  As I said before, your house should reflect the wishes of those who live there, you! This chalet near Madrid is naturally breathing in and out.  I bet most of us dream of something similar to this house. Nature is present in every corner. Enjoy it both inside and outside. 

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Rooftop terrace in Sydney

  It is always good when you have lots of outdoor space and you want to let some fresh air into your lives. Freshen the terrace spaces with new plants and create a generous feeling. And don’t forget to keep your plants modest, so you limit the maintenance requirements.

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A proper way to take your meal is important

  Everyone needs a meal from time to time. In average we have a meal 3 times a day. Aesthetics of how you eat affects you directly. Not only quality of your food takes an important role, but surroundings of the place. Be it a cozy dining room or a living room with a nicely decor dining table.

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