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Surround yourself with luxurious interior!

  There was a time when luxury was a royal families privilege. Nowadays everything has changed, now everyone can decor your home as he wants. You can use any style to decor your interior. There is no second thought to buy an intricate swirls bed, dress up your walls with golden wallpapers, buy handmade textile or refined chandelier, if you [...]

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by / on April 4, 2013 at 7:49 pm / in Office Interior Designs

Proper use of your working space will make you happy

  It really doesn’t matter if you want to optimize your office space interior or home cabinet. How to match your daylight and artificial lighting. Important things to consider first: working table, chair, table lamp. We will look at a few bold modern decor solutions for your office interior. Turn your attention to easy-to-back chairs. Comfort equals productivity!

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Flowers decor will add life to your home

  We all love flowers in interior decor. For me it’s something any interior must have. Contrast, fresh breath, life and ability to fit any color theme, and pretty much any decor. Flora can be so different, for me it is an inspiration source. You can borrow a lot from nature to create your perfect interior!

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Imagine your home without a sofa?

  Today we are on a quest to find sofas that will be a great decor to our interior design, however we also want them to be comfortable, cozy, durable  and practical. We will offer you some choices, so you can pick your dream sofa!

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Out of the Ordinary: Bedroom Designs That Make You Look Twice

  For most of us, the bedroom is a haven in an otherwise hectic house. Having somewhere calm to retreat to at the end of a busy day, allows for a little solace and succor away from the marauding masses. The majority of us spend a third of our lives in bed, so what better cue to get creative in the chamber?

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Wall decor is important

  Wall decor can mean many different things. For one of you it’s just some handmade panels, photos or some art object, maybe even a painting on the wall. For somebody else it’s sconce and even an area rug on the wall. It gets really interesting when you decor your furniture, like getting an artsy headboard.

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My favorite kitchen

  It is not in the news, that in a today’s world kitchen is no longer a place used only to prepare your lovely meals. Kitchen area is often combined with dining area or a living room, think about it when you will plan to remodel your kitchen. Many living room furniture is used to customize nowadays kitchen.

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