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Pay Attention to The Entrance


A home beautifully decorated does certainly deserve a grand entrance. After all it has to live up to the promise that is going to behold a visitor inside. Remember first impressions do count and your living abode is what defines your personality. You may wonder what one can do with a small hallway. Believe me there’s plenty that can be done here.

Take a small town house with painstakingly decorated traditional interiors for instance. It certainly deserves a prelude. Go in for formality and traditional style here. You can achieve a sense of timelessness here by using tiled floors. All that is required is a symmetrical arrangement with a good bit of attention thrown inĀ  for the decorative details.

Halls as we all know serve as places that connect. This is why it is absolutely imperative to choose a style that does not clash in terms of patterns, style and colors while transiting to the rooms that it connects. You certainly need not rule out a bold or striking theme here, it would be best to do so considering the overall theme of your home.

Halls I guess are the most battered of all spaces in a house. There is going to be quite a bit of movement as one moves around the home and hence you should also note that it there is going to be a rather good bit of wear and tear here. The town-house style has in fact taken into consideration all these practical issues. Easy maintenance surface, paneling to cover the lower third of the wall with wood work moulds can provide for this. Equip the hall with a mirror and may be a flat wooden basket on a neat table for keys. Choose a good large clock for the hall.

Choose welcoming colors like pale yellow, or pastel green shades for the walls. Go in for architectural flourishes if it fancies you and goes with the theme of your homes. You are creating a welcoming atmosphere here and hence you should pay as much attention to hallways as you would to the other rooms in your house.

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