Daily ideas — February 23, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Perfect relaxation in your home. What does it mean?



Every human being is trying to own a home. Of course it should be different from any other homes out there. Your home is a reflection of your life and individuality. Your little world. Let’s look at today’s selection of other people individuality, maybe it’s similar to the one you have in your mind?

Bedroom with a huge balcony – everyone’s dream. You can’t count how many people dream about it. Take a look at how this classic red area rug is completing the interior here.


Another bedroom with a balcony. Something that you don’t usually see around. Bedroom goes into bathroom in an original way. Lots of light and natural materials. 


Huge windows give your living room not only lots of light and visual space, they make your room look charming. Absence of doors erases all borders. Fireplace carved from the stone, comfort sofa and chairs, designers chandelier. Amazing isn’t it?


Here we have a dining room, bedroom with a fireplace – all-in-one! Very unusual combination. Mirror on the wall right above bed. Crazy ideas. 


Interesting designer solution in choosing the color theme for this room, furniture and decorations. Cozy and warm white area rug creates the illusion of walking on the clouds. 


Spectacular designers solution in ceiling construction, and well, all room as well. Main object is the bed, which gives us a straight message that nothing else is important in this room. Great color theme consisting of different shades of earth and fauna. 

Thanks for viewing!

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