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Period Theme in Interior Designing


When you are going to renovate your home or if you are going to buy a new house the first thing to do is to decide on the theme for interior as well as exterior decoration. Also make sure that there is no clash of thematic ideas to such an extent that the entire dwelling begins to look rather incongruous! Interior decoration is almost always based on a particular theme. There are some of us who like a Period theme. It could be based on the Elizabethan, Victorian or Louis XV era to name just a few.

This is a beautiful kitchen that is designed on a period theme. The decorator has ensured that there is absolutely no clash of ideas or themes here. Right from the colors of the walls to the floor painstaking effort has been taken to ensure that the period theme is not compromised with in any way.

Now when one chooses to go in for a period theme, enough effort and attention should be paid to the kitchen too. The most used object in a kitchen is the cupboard. A look at this kitchen shows you the amount of elaborate wood work that has gone into the making of these cupboards to achieve the authentic look. Wood was used in plenty for home construction those days.  The next most obvious objects here are the lamps. The quaint period lamps strategically placed add to the punctilious detail of the period furnishing.

Adding to the flavor of the theme is the antiquated metal designs used for the water faucets, the tray, large fruit bowl and even the soap dish! One look at this wonderfully designed kitchen – and we are taken back in time. This is why it is very important to pay meticulous detail to each and every aspect of a room in interior decoration.

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