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Planning for the Kitchen


While many may believe that the living room is the most important room in your homes, I am strongly of the opinion that it is the kitchen. This is the heart of any home. This is the place that is forever vibrant and happening. So when you are remodeling your homes or going for a new home pay very special attention to what your kitchen should look like. Do you want a kitchen that is rustic, warm, and homely or do you want one that is fresh and crisp or do you want to go in for a kitchen that is sleek and very much industrial. The only things all these kitchens have in common are an oven a fridge and a sink! This is perhaps the one room in your homes that is the most expensive to equip.

This is why it is imperative that attention to detail and planning is of utmost importance here. Starting with the placement of sinks, ovens and refrigerators, moving on to cabinets for storage and electrical and light fittings is what you should incorporate into your planning. This room which has a constant buzz of activity needs your attention more than any other rooms in your home.

When you think of all this you may perhaps think you would need a bigger room for your kitchen. These days there are what we call the open kitchen with a dining area nearby. This means you have to take into consideration how well you are going to fit in the dining area into your kitchen. Be practical and choose the dimensions of the tables and chairs that are optimal. You don’t want to have them too large to make movements around the kitchen difficult and you don’t want to have it too small that makes its functional use almost impossible. Take your family size into consideration and choose. Make sure you have all you want in place in your blue print. This may take time but it is important.  It would be a very difficult task to fit in something later on. It is amazing how much you put in so small a space!

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