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Planters add a lovely touch to interior design

Planters in the loft

Planters in the loft

Do you live in a small loft or flat? Do you long for the time when you can have as many plants as you want? Do you love nature but are forced to live in a crowded city? If so, there is an ideal solution for you. More and more creative folk have come up with ideal plans to have plants in a cramped apartment.

Planters are a new invention where you can attach a small planter to a balcony wall or window sill. This planter has space for soil and a small plant! These planters come in all shapes and sizes. There are planters shaped like hooks, which are a quirky and inventive twist. They also don’t look ugly when attached to your balcony wall.

Modern planters need not necessarily be made of terracotta, mud or clay. They can also be made of ceramic, glass and recycled materials. In fact, the best planters are made of recycled bottles and other waste materials. You can make your own planter if you don’t want to spend money.

In order to make your own planter, you can attach a thin tray to a small pot. Even a grill will work. By suspending the grill, you can have your own makeshift holder.

If you are wondering where to buy these modern planters, worry not. There are numerous places from which to get such objects. If you go to furniture stores, you might find a number of small modern planters. However, the best place to acquire planters is on the internet. If you go to online stores like Etsy and Amazon, you can definitely buy planters that suit your taste, style and needs. Some websites sell personal homemade planters that are shaped like shoes, books and even coat hangers.

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