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Points for Originality in Interior Design

Space-ship look alike

Space-ship look alike

Designers have always adapted their designs to look like and resemble something else. Bedrooms are themed after kids’ cartoon television shows, and home theater rooms look like star wars battleships, and the one in this design is commonly used. This entire area looks like the inside of a spaceship. The way modern futuristic design has shown itself to be attractive has definitely gone down, because this design just seems to be out of place. It definitely cannot fit in most places, and looks odd. It is too modern and futuristic for its own good, and barely even comes off as mildly attractive.

Everything in this room is rounded, as if the artist was frightened of any edges. In fact, it looks a lot like the designer has shaped melting silver into his design. The stairs are slanting and steep, and are silver grey in color, much like the rest of the room. The stairs look like escalators, making this place look too commercial. The most eye catching part of this room is the lights on the ceiling. The lights look like the blue neon lights you would find underneath a street racing car, but these lights just look weird amongst the silver. The lighting is well done otherwise, with the small little lights attached to the ceiling. The floor is carpeted and is a dim and smoky color. The area is very spacious.

The idea used for the theme of this room is very original. Some credit has to be given to the designer for following through with his theme on almost every piece of this design. Everything is a smoky grey or silver, an almost everything looks shiny. The beams on the side of the stairs slope upwards irregularly; but look good otherwise. The blue light at the top of the stairs adds a mysterious quality to the design. Bluntly put, the design of this room is strange, original, spacious, but not suitable to everyone’s taste.

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