Office Interior Designs — April 4, 2013 at 7:49 pm

Proper use of your working space will make you happy



It really doesn’t matter if you want to optimize your office space interior or home cabinet. How to match your daylight and artificial lighting. Important things to consider first: working table, chair, table lamp. We will look at a few bold modern decor solutions for your office interior. Turn your attention to easy-to-back chairs. Comfort equals productivity!



This table is rather small, it will fit your macbook air, perhaps a coffee mug and few papers – that’s about it. If you plan to have a 26″+ display on your table – you really need to consider something bigger. Other than that everything is good. Lamp is on it’s proper place on the left side of your table. Chair looks a little bit small for my taste, especially the backside, however we don’t know how tall will be the person sitting in it. Mobile stand gives enough space for documents and important things, you could actually put the stand closer to the table.



Very simple, natural and modern table. Sometimes there is really no need to invent new materials. We have wood and glass. That is more then enough to create warm and confident table that will serve you years to come. Table glass will protect vulnerable wooden tabletop and based on design you could use it to put some important papers, calendars and what not below it, so you could always see it. Interesting design of drawer.



This is something similar to what I have in my own office. Home office of a full value. Massive natural polished wooden table based on two massive stands, unusual but cozy leather chair. Lamp is stylish and has similar curves to the chair design.



This is a modern computer table with an ergonomic keyboard stand. Nothing but computer is a motto here. White tabletop on the wall can be used as both decor and storage area. No need to say how good aeron chairs are.



This type of a two-seater combined metal tables will create working place for 4 people in a very small room. Decorative walls and boxes divide working areas. The fact that there is no table lights gives us a hint that you will require good daylight and artificial ceiling lights as well.


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