Bedroom Interior Designs — April 28, 2011 at 3:26 pm

Purple and Black for Bedroom Interior Design


I have never seen such a lovely color theme, nor have I seen so many good things in one room.The floor is beautiful because of its glossy color and smoothness. Black is a central color in this room, which is not a bad thing, as black is classy, looks cool, and stylish. I was always under the impression that painting a room black was a bad idea, because it made the room look more closed in, but boy was I wrong. The black walls look clean and smooth because they’re black. The black color draws a person’s attention to the other factors in the room. For example, there are four square paintings, part of the same set, hanging above the side table attached to the bed. These beautiful paintings would probably go unnoticed if not contrasted by the black background behind it.

There are two elongated side tables attached to the bed whose frame is white in color, contrasting with the black mattress. These side tables have space for things like lampshades, or books and magazines even. They look stylish and easy to clean as well. Again, they look even better because they are white amid black.

The wall housing the drawer cabinet is a rich purple, and so is the carpet of the room. This change in color attracts more beauty, I feel, because of the variety involved in the design. The drawer cabinet and the mirror are of superior design, white, smooth, spacious, and lovely.

This room is exquisite, not just for its colors, space, comfortable looking bed, and decorations, but also for its incredible window behind the bed. The window is just a plain rectangle of emptiness in the black wall, with no grills. The only thing separating the room and the air outside is glass. This view allows us to see incredible beauty.

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