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Reading Corner

Reading Corner

Reading Corner

The living room we see displayed in the picture is the ideal reading area.  Simply put, I can’t find negative things about this room. The area displayed is just a part of the living room, but it still inspires a fantastic feeling. The floor is divided into two parts. The part close to the carpet is a faded brown and beige. The shade of the floor tiles here brings an antiquity to the room. Away from this area, next to the glowing fireplace, the floor is a pearly white. This separation of the floor into two areas divides the fireplace and the other parts of the room.

The wall is a creamy shade of white. The light that engulfs the entire room comes in a glow from the lights on the ceiling.

The fireplace is beautiful. The area of the fire is framed by black, contrasting with the yellow glow of the flame. The fireplace is located so well that it can not only light up the entire room, but also warm it.

The black fireplace is surrounded by a large wooden frame that is dark brown. The top of the fireplace has plenty of space to put things like books, or even objects of decoration, as shown in the picture.

Moving away from the fireplace, we feast our eyes on the area opposite. The carpet here is a deep maroon shade, with a black center. The maroon and black are both complimented by a series of patterns.

The velvety chair next to the rug looks extremely comfortable. It looks sublime in the setting, with its golden outline and blue-ish grey cushions. There is a tiny stool next to the bookshelf, with curved legs, on which there is space to put books. The bookshelf is designed well, with plenty of space.

This living room is amazing, and an ideal room for me. It is spacious, beautiful, warm, and relatively easy to maintain.

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