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Redocorating Your Homes for Summer


Seasonal decoration is the in thing these days. The seasonal decoration could relate to summer, winter or spring or it could relate to holiday season – whatever be the reason, if you think that your homes should be at all times dynamic and interesting, go in for changing your decor every now and then. Summer decoration and Spring decoration is perhaps the most interesting and exciting of all. You now don’t want those cozy rugs and heavy cushions that you have been using during winters. You want something bright and summery. Well then – do it!

Start with putting away the heavy drapes and make the windows and doors that are going to bring in the summer into your homes the focal point. The natural light during the day is going to be the most welcoming feature of summer. Sure you would need privacy – for this you can have light colored retractable blinds. This would work great during the day and during nights you can have a sheer curtain over these.

After the cold dark winters, you would certainly want to bask in all the sunlight that you can get. An easy way to do this would be to place mirrors that will not only brighten up your living space but also capture the sunlight and reflect it making it bounce all around the room. This the best way to optimize the lighting and making the best use of sunlight.

Now you would want an airy feel. Try arranging the furniture by moving it around to give you more space. In winters you would perhaps have placed your furniture closer to the fire place. You can now move it away and give the room more space in doing so. You also would not need those cozy comforters and rugs. Store them away and also some cushions and pillows. Change the pillow cover to fabrics that are light, ‘summery’ and flowery.

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