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Remove the Clutter from Your Small Bedroom


Cluttered Bedroom

Cluttered Bedroom

One must design one’s bedroom to suit one’s needs. You can do it in many ways possible. The ultimate outcome of it all should be a nice warm cozy interior that is both personal and welcoming. You should also have the satisfaction that you have used all the space available to its optimum limit without having to clutter the whole place up. You may have plenty of artifacts that you would like to keep in your bedroom because you love them and because you may have spent quite a bit of money to acquire them. Well there goes away your comfort quotient! Keep your bedroom nice and spacey. The more the clutter – the more the dust. This is especially true if you are unfortunate enough to have a small bedroom. In fact if you do have a small bedroom and you feel cramped here is what you should be doing. Think of what exactly the function of the bedroom is. It is of course to sleep. This is why you have to plan big for the bedding ensemble. The majority of the budget in the bedroom should be spent on this. Choose light fabrics that can keep you comfortable and snug. That apart you may use your bedroom to watch TV. Then think of a wall mounted TV. The idea of having a cabinet for the TV is ridiculous in a small bedroom. It occupies space and gathers dust which is not at all desirable. Then there is the health factor too! You have to have a dust free environment in a bedroom for a fitful sleep. Next look around your bedroom and look at the things that you can dispense away with. If you like reading in a bed there is not need to have a library in your bedroom. There is also no need to have a cabinet for your books. You can bring your book to your bedroom and keep it away either in the study shelf or the living room library shelves. Your bedroom at the most needs storage space for your clothes. You can and should do away with all the rest.

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