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Retro Style Decor – Back in Fashion


As with music, fashion apparels and movies, Retro Style has found its niche in Interior Decoration too! Many now realize the charm of old world fashion and want to bring it back into their interiors. This particular style encompasses an integration of styles of many decades and is influenced very much by the numerous styles and trendiness from days of yore and old English fashion.

Retro Interiors

True one can certainly consider any era as Retro, but more often than not this term is more widely used to describe the fashion trends of the middle and late middle 20th century. The term is more distinct from the term Vintage Style that describes fashion that has been integrated over centuries.

Retro style you can call it the opposite of minimalistic approach. While the former is staid and plain retro styles are vibrant and brilliant. They have a fun feel to it. Lively too -because of the bright colors that are being used. The designs are pretty much wild too! If you could just visualize the fabric colors and designs that were being created in the late 1950′s and 60′s you can get a feel of the retro style. This is what your decor needs to capture to get the essence of it right!

If you have a conservative outlook on many things, the retro style may not quite be the right one for you.  The style is certainly loud and one may even call it rather funky! Definitely not conservative and there is nothing casual or laid-back about it!

The furniture is large and broad, the upholstery multi-colored, the colors used are almost always hot colors like, red, bright green, orange and yellow. Each piece of furniture appears to vie with each other to be a focal point and the center of attraction.

So get retro if you are bold and would love to attract attention to your homes. But remember you should have the personality to pull it off!

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