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Room for a Teenager

Room for a Teenager

Room for a Teenager

A teenager’s bedroom should be fun, youthful but also not too childish, as teens want to think they’re adults most of the time. However, one cannot deny their rooms color and brightness. Teenagers need a well-lit room so they can focus on high school and also have a great time.

This room is a perfect example of a teenager’s room. Of course, most teens are much messier, but this is a great prototype. The room uses a palette of white, blue, bright pink and red. The furniture is a lighter wood, like rubber wood. There is a lot of minimalism in the use of white and blue. This could result in the room seeming cold and harsh, but the sudden pop of warm colors like pink and red add excitement to the space.

The bed takes up most of the room, but there is a nice study area in the corner. The desk is accessorized by hints of blue, like the blue lamp shade meant to provide adequate lighting. There is a nice, wide window above the desk that is meant to give ventilation and natural light.

There are shelves attached to the wall, above the bed. This is an area to put up pictures, photographs, books and other little things. There is also a floor-to-ceiling vertical row of shelves. The wardrobe is painted white. This makes it look nearly invisible and does not add an element of the clutter to the room. The wardrobe is spacious and can hold a lot of clothes and shoes. The bed is placed on a dark blue carpet. The bed itself is blue.

All in all, this room is a perfect teen’s room. It is neither to feminine nor masculine. It has a sporty feel thanks to its use of bold furniture and accessories.

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