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Room for Children

Kids Room

Compact Room for Children

Children, especially teenagers, need clean, uncluttered spaces in order to have a comfortable life. They need a place to study, a place to sleep and a place to generally chill out. It is the job of a parent or a good interior decorator to ensure what would bring most joy to the child without overwhelming him or her.

This is one of those rooms. It is a perfect blend of fun, relaxed and healthy. The colors used are youthful, but notice how the oranges aren’t overly bright and garish. Everything is wisely muted, without becoming dull and somber.

The decorator has stuck to a dual palette of orange and white. Not once does it become boring. The room has personality while remaining clean and tasteful. There are two small beds. One of the beds doubles as a seating area. The color scheme of orange and white has been followed even here, with the decorator using orange bed-sheets and pillow covers.

A mistake that could have easily been made is the use of prints. However, the decorator has opted not to add prints and patterns. This therefore gives the room a bold look.

Art work in the room is in the form of two fun framed posters from Herge’s Tin Tin comic book. The use of bold pastel shades on the posters adds a variety of color to the room without becoming overbearing.

There are two windows that are more than enough to provide natural light to the room. It is a good idea to have the workspace near the windows. There are two shelves attached to the wall above the desk. The desk’s chair is modern and white, and rests on a fun mesh rug.

This room is not big, but thanks to the color palette, the lack of patterns, the lack of any unnecessary furniture and relatively clear walls, the room looks bigger and easy to maintain. Note that while the room is quite empty, it does not look frugal and spartan.

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