Bedroom Interior Designs — February 27, 2011 at 2:31 pm

Room in Lavender

Lavender Room

Lavender Room

The bedroom in the picture is something extremely desirable in my

eyes. It’s got almost everything one needs, and it is filled with
The floor is pearly white, smooth and clean. White is easily the most
used color in interior design, as it is simply the simplest, yet still
has plenty of attractiveness. A cute red rug is placed on the floor
beside the bed, showing a strolling cat and figures with legs
dangling. This rug is one of the first things that catches one’s eye.
The color theme of the room is a pleasant shade of violet, more lavender than violet; but this theme is
not strictly followed- as the design seems to prefer colorfulness and
brightness, rather than the use of just a single color.
The walls are a shade between beige and salmon pink, and has patterns
on it, pleasant to the eyes. A horizontal stripe of violet runs
through one side, while the wall behind the shelves is violet as well.
Most of the drawers, cabinet doors, and cupboard handles are violet,
as is the long desk’s table top and the chair. The desk is large and
spacious, with enough space for books, a computer, stationary, and
even ornaments. The chair in front of the desk is very attractive. It
is a shiny purple, backless and slim necked. There is a light attached
to the desk for reading. There are shelves attacked to the wall above
the desk as well, for putting books, magazines, and other things.
This bedroom is well designed. It somehow manages to combine all the
good things required for a bedroom. The room has good ventilation and
natural lighting. It is colorful, bright, extremely spacious, and
homely. The bed does not take up any space at all as it is close to
the wall. The room is the type of room many people would love to own.
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