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Room with an Artistic Touch

Room with an Artistic Touch

Room with an Artistic Touch

Today, most people with money lean towards minimalist themes, wrongly assuming that it’s the only thing that can make a place look posh, luxurious and classier. This is silly as a room should never reflect what is trendy. It should always reflect an individual’s personality.

If there’s any room that reflects an owner’s personality, it is this. This room is artistic without being overbearingly so; it is uncluttered and classy without succumbing to the spartan, minimalist trend of whites and metals; it is warm and welcoming.

This room looks like a den or a basement room. It has a staircase leading to a floor above. This room isn’t a bed room- it is more of a living room. The owner is obviously fond of vintage items and items of historical importance. It is important to remember that over use of gilded and baroque-style items can make a place look tacky and “nouveau-riche”. It is always better to have a high-low approach to design- mixing more down to earth elements with extravagant ones.

This decorator has obviously taken full advantage of that. He or she has also mixed elements of international style- Arabic carpet design, Moroccan patterns, Baroque style painting frames, and Romantic French influences. He has paired this with a dull, old-looking wooden floor and dark wood that ensures that the room does not even come close to looking over the top and pretentious.

There is a simple bookshelf on the wall with many books. Art works fill the walls and even rest on the ground. The chaise is vintage in style with a pretty lampshade above it. This room manages to have enough natural light to not become gloomy. The other furniture is heavy and old looking, with leather upholstery and dark colors. The owner’s love of history and old objects is very apparent in this lovely and wonderfully used space.

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