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Rustic Home Interior Decoration Theme


Many a time we are not quite able to decide whether we have to go in for a time tested interior decor theme while remodeling or constructing a new home,  or be bold to experiment on themes that are not so abundantly seen in US homes. If you are looking for a home decor that can provide you with a unique sophistication coupled with charm and can be trendy if done well, then try out the Rustic Home Decor theme.  This kind of interior decoration is almost similar to that of a country home interior design one. What characterizes this theme is its highly textured furniture with polished wooden logs and antique finishes to wooden sofas, tables and chairs too add rusticity to complement the theme.

What you should be looking to do is go in for natural textures and colors and use art objects and other home accessories that add to the rustic theme. The fabrics should be of dark hues preferably copper colored. You can also go in for shades of deep burgundy or rust. You can use a wise combination of these colors for your sofa covers, your table cloth and pillow and cushion covers. The curtains and shades should have a natural texture and the colors mentioned above. Choose ladder back chairs and the dining furniture made of textured oak.

A rustic theme may look primitive in a modern household, but the idea is to do something that is totally unique. When well done this theme could embody warmth and comfort and could definitely be inviting.  The rich earthy tones should be the most preferred color here for the walls. You can go in for paler textures to brighten things up a bit. Go in for country curtains that could add to the touch of antiquity and age old charm. If you are quite sure that you are going to get it all right, take the help of an interior decorator to guide and help you it up.

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