Bedroom Interior Designs — May 23, 2011 at 1:15 am

Shades of Blue in Interior Design


The ocean is a vast masterpiece of beauty. The white foam on the blue waters has been the subject of many an artist’s thoughts. Many people describe the ocean as not just wonderful and pretty, but calm, pleasant, and sublime. It is said to ease tension and make many a person smile. With all this praise, I’m not surprised to see blue in interior design. Replicating the ocean in a room is an attempt at the impossible, but the attempt is enough. The shade of blue in walls makes a person feel like he is sitting on the ocean floor, looking all around him. It evokes the imagination to think of such things. Blue should be used carefully though. Using it excessively makes it lose its beauty. Blue, when used along with brighter colors like sunshiny yellow and fiery red make a fine combination. Using the color sparingly makes it more exclusive, and therefore makes it look better alongside other colors.

The kids’ bedroom in the picture is very simple, yet very attractive. It has a sloping ceiling which is colored a lovely sea blue, the same as the walls and much of the rest of the room. The beds are white and patterned sea blue, and the theme of the entire room seems to be oceanic. The pillows have white backgrounds with fishes painted on them. A small table sits in between the two bed, housing a lamp shade. This positioning is lovely in this room’s design. Behind the bed is a long platform, where many pieces of decoration that seem to be full of boundless joy sit. There are pictures, soft toys, and much more. The room’s design is spacious and full of happiness, yet it is calming and pleasant because of the enchanting theme of blue. All parents should consider using this design for their children’s bedroom.

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