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Shades of Yellow to Decorate Your Bedroom's Interior

Sunny Yellow Bedroom

Sunny Yellow Bedroom

room in the picture is what I would like to call a ‘morning’ room, aside from a bedroom, that is. I say ‘morning’ because it is something I’d like to wake up in, and its colors resemble the shades of the morning sun. The room is very spacious. The floor is a rich, creamy beige, and is partially covered by a carpet that has a mix of zebra and leopard skin patterns. The zebra theme shows itself in the base of the bed as well. Beside one of the windows is a piece of furniture- a chair, that looks lovely especially in the daylight. The chair has slim legs, and a yellow cushion backrest and seat. Next to it is a small side table.

The two windows are long and large, and during the day, they allow a huge amount of light to enter the room. This natural lighting looks lovely, as it blends with the color theme of the room. The curtains almost covering the windows are a yellow ochre shade, slightly darker than the wall between the window. On the wall between the windows we also see a pair of paintings, identical in size and style, placed one below another vertically. These paintings consist of vertical stripes, abstractly done with various colors and shades. This adds a slight sense of contrast in the room’s setting.

The bed looks comfortable and soft. The base and frame are colored with the same zebra skin theme as the carpet, while the mattress covered with a simple white sheet. The pillows piled one atop the other are white with sunshiny yellow borders. The bed cover is also the same yellow. This shade of yellow persists throughout the room. There is a pair of spacious side tables on either side of the bed, with plenty of space to put things inside as well as on them. They are decorated with flowers and unique lamps with necks of twisted glass. Above the bed is a large painting, adding a sense of artistic beauty to the already bright and colorful room.

This room cannot be called completely sunshiny. The yellows aren’t as bright as I would think the designer wanted them to be, and they don’t produce the same effect a brighter yellow would. The lighting of the room is excellent, and obviously so is the ventilation with such large windows. The room is very spacious, but some of the colors, like in the carpet, may seem cloying to the eye later on.

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