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Simple and Elegant Theme

Simple and Elegant Living Room

Simple and Elegant Living Room

The colors used on a painting influence its appeal. Likewise, the colors used in a room influence its appeal. Using pairs of colors that contrast or complement each other is vital to developing a beautiful room.

The living room or television room shown above is a room that follows the strict rule of color themes. From the walls to the ceilings to the sofas, the room follows a blackcurrant theme. The walls look like they’re made from ice cream, and the deep and dark violet sofas seem like blackcurrants in the midst of all the ice cream. The ceiling is a lighter, whiter shade, with attached lights.

The walls surrounding the room are either a medium dark violet, or a very light one. There is no contrast offered here, as even the painting hanging on the wall is framed in violet. The wall behind the flat screen television is a rich violet, separating the television area from the rest of the room.

There is a unique fireplace beside the television area. It consists of a hidden chimney that is covered by a shiny purple and stone casing. The fireplace itself is displayed like a painting. The smoldering fire offers a slight variation from the blackcurrant theme. The shelves around the fireplace have plenty of space for displaying objects of decoration.

The spaciousness of the room is brought out on its floor. There are two sofas set around a low glass center table. To the side of the sofa there is plenty of space for a lampshade or two.

The spaciousness of the room is so extreme, it seems to look empty. It is a setting that makes a room feel empty and sparsely furnished. It is almost as if it is incomplete. If it were up to individual taste, one could add something more to the room; something that brings a personal touch.

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