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Simple Interior Design of A Beach House

Interior of a Beach House

Interior of a Beach House

A beach front house is a dream for most people. This one, especially, is a tribute to the language of art and design. This is a wonderful and large room that is full of air and space. It is a masterpiece and the owners and interior decorators have left no stone unturned in their quest to make this room perfect in its simplicity and aesthetic sense.

This room is extremely simple and basic. The color palette is frugal and is full of white, gray, black and a tinge of orange. The furniture is as simple as the white and black used. Pale brown is used on the wood flooring adds a beach-y vibe. This is helped by the fact that the room opens out into the beach itself.

The furniture is also wonderfully minimalist. The sofas are basic, rectangular and white. The lowness of the furniture adds to the height of the room. The sofas are all brought together by the black center table in the middle. The table is rectangular and quite long.

Most of the room is dominated by the glass wall that leads on to the beach outside. This is a marvelous way to showcase the blue skies, the aqua seas and the breezy waves. It also brings in an amazing amount of light that is both natural and brings in a lot of air.

The room is really high-ceilinged and looks majestic in its grandness. The grandeur is juxtaposed with the simplicity and minimalism.

As mentioned earlier, the main priority of the owners seems to be the artwork they own. This characteristic has been fulfilled because, as promised, the highlight of the room is the installation that hangs from the wall and attracts the eye beautifully. The Alexander Calder-esque installation is a magnificent piece to hang because its lightness is caught by the breeze, and the artwork adds an edgy feel to the room.

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