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Simple Interior Design of A Small Living Room

Living room_black+white+salmon pink

Living room_black+white+salmon pink

This is a classic example of a small space that has been decorated very well. The d├ęcor of the room excellently manages to make a room seem much bigger than it actually is, and is not cluttered and cramped in any way. Young people who are looking for small studio flats that are inexpensive yet efficient often have a hard time decorating their space well. They also cannot afford to hire a professional interior decorator, so they have to learn about the art of decoration by themselves, without compromising on too much.

The wonderful thing about this room is that it is full of visual texture. The owner of the space has not been afraid to use patterns and motifs for the space. There are lovely designs that add interest to the place and make it look vibrant. It is easy to make this room cramped and crowded, but the owner has controlled the use of pattern and print.

Most people stick to minimalist themes for decoration of small spaces. They find it an easy solution for small area decoration. There is no originality in this theme as it is a major trend. That is why this room is so nice. It is full of the personality of the person.

The color palette is simple. It avoids being strikingly minimalist. It is composed of pastel pink, white, beige and brown. The sofa is a warm, comfortable brown decorated with graphic print black and white cushion covers, along with bright and salmon pink. There is an ornate chair with a very feminine print.

The carpet adds edginess to the room. It is a graphically printed black and white rug that rounds off the femininity of the space. The coffee table has a very 80s feel to it thanks to the elaborate design.

Overall, the lighting, the design and the space usage of the room is excellent.

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