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Simple Interior Designs are Always in Style

Simplicity in Style

Simplicity in Style

Simplicity is the key when it comes to decorating a space. The most important thing to remember in order to make an area aesthetically pleasing is to know when to stop. This space has learned both lessons. It is nautical in theme and simple to view. It is not a pain for the eyes to see, and that’s always very important.

This decorator or owner has made sure that the space is interesting and pretty. It is neither too masculine nor feminine. It is calm and refreshing. It is also faintly patriotic. The decorator has used a fixed palette of blue, yellow and white.

The furniture here is simple and angular. The shelf is minimalist and bold, but has a faint eighties feel. The vintage look is juxtaposed with the nautical look- navy blue and white. Door knobs on the shelf add interest.

Other points of interest are seen in the form of the adorable little book end that is only one piece. The decorator hasn’t cluttered the place by keeping too many objects on it.

The wall is a simple white with light rice texture. This makes the blue and white shelf space stand out. The white lampshade on the table top is pretty as a picture and manages not to look washed out.

The patriotic part of it all is the picture on the wall. It looks exciting because it is framed by a bright yellow ocher that truly stands out. It is the first thing one sees when looking at this area, and that is probably the point of the whole design.

It is a good idea to remember to stick to the rules that this place sets in terms of design. All in all, it will work for those who are both brave and not interested in experimenting.

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