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Simply Urban Interior Decor


Simply Urban

Simply Urban

There are many home owners who would like to change their interior décor from time to time. It could be seasonal – like every spring, summer and winter, occasional – maybe during festivals, anniversaries or birthdays or merely to change what they perceive to be the monotony of their living environs. For those of you who like their home interiors to be dynamic and those of you who are looking for new and sleek modern style for interior décor – here’s a suggestion. Have you tried the new Simply Urban Interior Décor style? If not give it a try. This style is currently in fashion in the middle class American homes.

Now what exactly is this style? You may wonder. Well the Simply Urban style characterizes and smooth integration of both contemporary and vintage styles. The fabric here used are natural and the wood used for paneling , flooring and the doors, windows and storage units are toned woods ranging from medium to dart texture. The colors while being rich are almost always neutral – like beige, pale green, gray or white. You can also observe that in this style most of the accents for the decors are made of materials that are either glass or iron or both.

The furniture here is neither classic antique nor are they expensive. It lacks the elaborate accents of Victorian furniture. You can get them from a flea market. Most of the colors tend to be browns – pale beige, tan, golden. The accents here are certainly bold and lend and extra vibrancy to the ambiance. The furniture is minimalistic to the extent that you don’t find clutters. For the lighting scheme you can go in for track lighting or focused lighting. You can perhaps have a combination of both too. There is simplicity in the Simply Urban style that is as charming as it is sensible.

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