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Simply well lit

Sparsely Furnished Room

Sparsely Furnished Room

A living room is incomplete without perfect lighting. The lighting should not be too bright, or too dim either. The floor in this living room is white, but barely visible with the soft, plushy, wool-like rug covering it. The rug looks like something one would just collapse into.

The sofa on the rug is the exact same – I would love to collapse into it as well. It is a low set sofa chair, with very small metal legs. There are two brown trays sitting on the rug, one carrying glasses of water, the other with a booklet.

Behind the sofa chair is another low set furniture piece. It looks to me like a mix between a center table and a shelf. But whatever it looks like, it has plenty of space. The table top is made of wood and is clean and polished, and it does not occupy much space. It sits right at the back of the room and therefore does not come in the way of anyone walking to and fro. The setting of the entire room is themed around the letters painted in black above the sofa chair. These letters catch the eye immediately, and add an Asian and traditional aura to the room.

The table behind the sofa chair also has an integral part of the room’s design. There is a pair of spherical, globe- like lights sitting on the table top. These lights fill the entire room with its glow. They may be small, but they are vital to the room’s design. They are located exactly where they can extend their influence over the entire room.

To conclude, this room is simple and beautiful. It is spacious, well lit, and homely. The rooms colors seem to be filled with calm and cool contrasted by the warmth the little lights release.

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