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Single Bed over Double Beds


Choosing the right bed for you bedroom is certainly important. Now many do prefer to have a large double bed in the bedrooms even if the occupant of that room is just one. This is basically because it is not only comfortable as you do have more space to sleep in but it is also inexpensive. But what if you had a small bedroom? Would it still be wise to go for a double bed instead of a single one? This may not be all that wise. The reason being, once you have a double bed in your small bedroom, there is little space for everything else. The room appears cramped and more often than not, it gets cluttered.  So it is wise to opt for a single bed in a small room to allow more space for you.

While double beds are not as expensive as they were before, they are still more expensive compared to a single bed. With the saving you can easily indulge on good bedroom ensemble like pillows, cushions and bedroom fabric. You can also have a comfortable side table to place your books if you are one of those people who would like to curl up in the bed with a book. Many homes now have TVs in the bedrooms to. With a single cot, there would be enough space for the TV and better viewing room. You can save on more space by opting for a wall mounted TV instead of going for a TV which requires a cabinet.

Also make note of the fact that the beds in a child’s bedroom or a teenagers bedroom should be single. If they use their bedroom for their study too, a single bed would give them more space for their study table. Children may not want or it is not advisable to place a TV in their bedroom. But surely they would need place to work on their laptops. A single bed can give them the much required space.

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