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Sleek Bathroom

slim and sleek bathroom

slim and sleek bathroom

This bathroom is one of the simplest, yet most beautiful bathrooms I have seen in all my life. It may not be modern and sleek and smooth, but it is fits a home or apartment perfectly. The colors on the walls, the floor, and the door all give off warmth, warmth that can only be found in a home. The shower area is separated from the rest of the room by glass, and the area is well designed, with shiny taps and shower spouts.

Right opposite the shower is the mirror and the pair of wash basins, the prettiest part of the bathroom. The mirror’s reflection gives one an illusion of space which is always needed in a small bathroom. There is plenty of space between the basin and the mirror for things like deodorants, powders, shampoos, soaps, candles, and more. The two wash basins are pearly white and designed with style.

Each basin is like an upside down dome, and they both seem to hang in midair above the wooden cabinets below. The sleek and shiny taps simplify the effort in making them beautiful as well as utilitarian.

The wooden cabinets show the resourcefulness of the room’s design, as there is clearly enough space in them for numerous towels and other things. The wood is a light color, like the rest of the room.

The floor is the first thing that caught my eye, with its assortment of colors ranging from shades of olive green to shades of brown. It is the first thing that gives off the homely feeling, because it is so different from the usual clean and shiny tiles of other modernized bathrooms.

In short words, this is clearly a true bathroom for a home. It has plenty of space, though it may seem cluttered, and it makes use of earthy colours brilliantly.

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