Bathroom Interior Designs — February 5, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Small Bath tubs for Small Homes


There has been a sudden surge in the popularity of small bath tubs. The obvious reason for this is that suitability of accommodating it in limited space that is available. There is certainly nothing more relaxing that soaking yourself in a bath tub after the end of a hard day’s work. Now you can do it even in small apartments when you install small bathtubs in your apartment bathrooms.

Till now many had small home owners had to limit themselves to showers due the space constraint as conventional bathtubs do occupy quite a bit of space. While showering has its own pleasure it can never be a substitute for a good a soaking-yourself-in-a-tub to relieve the stress related to the trials and tribulations of a hard day’s work. There is nothing that could be more therapeutic that this.

Small bathtubs are certainly no joke. If you are apprehensive that it is something that you are likely to be boxed or that you have to somehow maneuver your way into, wait till you see some of the new designs for these tubs available. While you may not be able to stretch the length of your body, they are nevertheless comfortable with built in seats that could provide immense comfort while your body soaks pleasurably.  They are deep enough and are certainly comfortable and easy to enter and exit. Even older people with minor physical disabilities can use these small bath tubs easily.

Small bath tubs come in a variety of shapes. If you want to go in for a corner one, then you are welcome to choose one or if you want to go in for one that sits right in the middle of your bathroom, you can get it too. Installation of these tubs doesn’t take long and it is so easy that it is more often than not a DIY job.

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  1. Do you have a catalog for small bathtubs? I would appreciate receiving it!

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