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Space Saving Furniture for Apartment Interiors – Part 1




Space Saving Furniture

If you are living in a city apartments are definitely the right choice. They are cost effective and easier to maintain. They are also more secure because almost all apartment units have maintenance benefits that include security which is of prime importance. Now another advantage of living in apartments is that there are other fringe benefits – a community swimming pool and gym which is very expensive to have in individual homes. The disadvantages of course far outweigh the advantages.

Now if you have got yourself a small apartment in the city you would certainly find the space a constraint. The good thing here is that you would have got rid of all your clutter before you step into the apartment to reside in it. You must also make sure that your apartment is fitted with all the gadgets and other items of comfort you actually need. Do away with rest. It is going to be extremely tiresome to so later. Yet you find the rooms not big enough. Storage could be a major problem. Here is where you should look into innovative storage and furniture solutions that save space and are also very chic and novel! You can surf the net to find furniture and storage facilities that work as multipurpose units.  You can have a mezzanine bedroom along with the study. You can choose furniture that are both elegant and functional and save space.

Here in the image you can see a piece of furniture that is designed by Stephanie Perruchon which could come in very useful if you are looking for space saving furniture. This is very suitable for small apartments or the kid’s rooms. If you have an office lobby that is not very large, you can use this to save space. What you have here is stools, a coffee-table that also provide extra seating if need be!

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