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Space Saving Furniture for Apartment Interiors – Part 2


Convertible Sofa - Sosia

Convertible Sofa - Sosia

If you are living in a large city, you are most probably living in an apartment. Even when it comes to apartments there are large apartment and small ones. People who live on their own would definitely prefer a small apartment. There could be many reasons for this. First and most important of them all is that the smaller the apartment, the easier it is to maintain. Secondly the cost factor too. You can save quite a bit of money on apartment rentals and use the saved money for buying you own sweet home in the future. Well there is no denying that an apartment has to be furnished. You need to keep the furniture too in tune with the size of the apartment.

With the popularity of apartment on the up an up we the public are being offered beautiful and innovative furniture that is just right for the apartment. We all love multifunctional units. But when we actually conceptualize a multifunctional unit we at the most can think of two to three functions for a particular piece of furniture. It could a sofa cum bed, or a sofa cum bed cum storage unit, or a coffee table with a storage unit and stuff like that you know. Our mind does not allow us thing beyond that! But then maybe we are not creative enough. Here is something that is creative enough and totally mind-boggling! It is an amazing sofa – it is called the ‘Sosia’ sofa and is designed by Emanuele Magini the famous furniture from Milan. Now he has offered a beautiful multifunctional sofa which many apartment owners are likely to benefit from. This sofa allows nine different configurations and it is this versatility in its functional aspect that is going to make this sofa a very sought after one.

This sofa offers a good practical solution to those who can think outside the box.

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