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Spacing Your Interiors for Comfort


Cramped Living Room

Cramped Living Room

Interior design and decor as we all know is about creating that perfect ambiance in a household or business establishment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely satisfying. You simply love to live in a place which is neat, tidy, elegant and stylish. Depending upon your budget you try to create the best possible aura to your living space. But at times one is certainly likely to be carried away and create a living space that may be well be aesthetically pleasing but rather wanting when it comes to comfort. However small or large a living space is, I have seen many who simply cramp the space with so much of clutter that we are left with a space jam.

It is it really comforting when you have to wade through all your furniture and artifacts to move in your homes? If you have to watch your step every time you move around so that you don’t disturb the artistically decorated interiors then you sure are not going to get enough of comfort, ease or restfulness. And, believe me, this is something you really don’t want. The solution to this is – plan your interiors to be comely and elegant but make sure that you are at ease living there.

A very important aspect of any interior design is comfort. If you don’t have enough elbow room or leg room to lounge restfully, then you have to have a rethink and rearrange or refurbish your interiors to incorporate the comfort quotient. Take into account the traffic flow in your rooms – be it the bedroom, kitchen or the living room. While the furniture and other decor should be inviting it should be so arranged in very logical way to afford maximum comfort. Either arrange your furniture keeping this into account or take that decision to do away with some of them!

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