Spacious interior tips


Those who like huge spaces will love this collection. How to make your home limitless. How do select proper color theme and lighting. Can you make it happen?

Great example how you can use mobile windows to gently expand you living room into terrace and outer space. Cozy furniture, great choice of floor lamps and overall I like decor. 


Endless windows that are everywhere, including ceiling gives you lots of light and space. I like the colors picked for decor of this interior. Great textile choice as well. Stylish carpeting. 


HUGE terrace to create unbelievable opportunities for your rest. White and grey colors are very wise choice to create a harmony with environment. Ecologically clean materials used to build all this. Have a good day!


What a huge role lies on design and size of windows in your interior. Amount of the light in the room is proportional to where you have them and how big they are. Can you imagine how your decor will change colors with lots of light coming to them? Great designers move to create a “spring” theme in the room combining olive, light green, yellow, white and brown colors.


You have exactly what you need for a rest. Huge window walls, but at the same time they are covered most of the time, so you get that cozy feeling. Unloose your intelligence.  Interesting glass fire place built-in the wall. 


Thanks for viewing and come back for more! ;-)

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