Bedroom Interior Designs — April 3, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Specific Themes For Bedroom Interiors



Bedrooms with such specific themes as this are usually hard to pull off. This raw, dreamy bedroom is difficult to ape despite its apparent and inherent simplicity. It is a calming oasis that promises rest and relaxation- two things desperately needed in a bedroom.

The theme of this room is obviously very Asian and Buddhist-inspired. There are relics of Buddhist art spotted all over the rooms and in the general d├ęcor itself.

The main colors in the palette are brown, gray and white. These are dull, subtle colors that are not to be mistaken for being boring and uninteresting. The walls are off-white while the artworks around the room are in browns.

As is customary in the Eastern part of the world, the furniture is low. Even the installations and paintings are placed on the ground, giving one the space a very unfinished feeling.

What immediately attracts the eye in this room is the large low-relief panel above the bed. It is a beautifully intricate piece that is made of wood. It is highly decorative. It gives the room an earthy feel while adding a lot of interest to the space.

There is a Japanese poster placed on the floor along with a Buddhist bust and a lantern. The bust and lantern are made of the same wood as the panel. Wood is a sophisticated, raw and natural material that breathes elegance into any room. Dark wood is especially classy, while light wood can be youthful.

This room is definitely not youthful. It is one that actually needs an acquired taste. It is very threadbare and frugal, yet utterly beautiful. The lack of objects in the room is complemented by the intricacy and pure decorative value of all the Oriental objects.

All in all, this is a hard room to emulate but is wonderful to recreate.

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