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Spongebob Theme for Kids

Spongebob Theme for Kids

Spongebob Theme for Kids

A child’s bedroom must usually have a theme that the child knows and enjoys. This will allow him or her to be raised in an atmosphere he likes already. The above bedroom’s theme is of the popular cartoon ‘Spongebob Square pants’. The show, a generally happy show, when used as a theme, will only inject the same happiness and cheer into the room.

It is a simple bedroom, with nothing but a bed and a cabinet. The floor is carpeted beige that looks soft and comfortable to the touch. I already want to sink my toes into the soft carpet. The ceiling is a simple white.

The walls, on the other hand, are simply gorgeous. Spongebob Squarepants exists underwater, and thus, the walls exist underwater. The wallpaper consists of the characters of the show jumping around with smiles on their faces, while bubbles pop around them in the blue, watery expanse of a background. We even see the seafloor, dotted with corals and animals. The colors used on this wall blend together magnificently.

The bed uses the same theme as the wall. The frame is a wooden white, but the bed cover is a picture of Spongebob in a bubble, with his friend Patrick behind him, and a beautiful blue background. Reemphasizing the bedroom as a child’s, we see a teddy bear lying on the pillow. At the tail end of the bed, we also see a stuffed toy sticking out from the floor.

The window on the side of the bed allows plenty of daylight to enter the room, adding warmth as well as visibility. Opposite the bed, we see a small television cabinet. The television sits next to a sunshiny yellow lamp of Spongebob Squarepants.

All in all, this room is a lovely bedroom. It is not too large, but it isn’t cluttered at all. It is well lit, and the colors used for the wall are utterly mesmerizing.

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