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Steel and wood for interior design of an apartment

Apartment Decor

Apartment Decor

Guest houses are a mix of hotel décor and home décor. It has to be livable but not generic like most hotel rooms. Guest houses are usually places where people stay for a while for cheap prices. They also stay in guest houses to avoid the cold, business-like feel of hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are boring and do not really allow the freedom one can get from a welcoming and cozy guest house.

This guest house is a fabulously decorated space. It is a compact apartment with simple amenities, but it is very visually appealing. It is full of sharp edges, shapes, and visual texture that make the space extremely interesting and fun to be in.

The color palette of the room is simple. The space consists of mostly greens, browns and steel accents. The green is more of a teal green, and is used everywhere. The walls, the posts, the shafts on the ceiling, everything is painted green. It is an unusual shade, but somehow it works.

Steel is used for a lot of objects. The dustbin and the sinks, vessels and wheels are all in steel. Steel is a famous for its use in minimalist spaces. The coldness of the green and steel are contrasted with the warmth of the browns everywhere. The wood is mostly light wood. The shelves are made of wood, and have a lot of space for efficient storage.

Apartments like this aren’t very common. The interior decorators and owners obviously have a wonderful aesthetic sense that is rather unmatched. The space is beautiful yet utilitarian.

Finally, there is a lot of kitchen space so that people who stay in this guest house can do their own cooking. Over all, the comfort level of this house matches its beautiful design, so be inspired.

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