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Study Corner

Study Corner

Study Corner

This artist has maintained a very organized yet lively and exciting workspace. It is a wonderfully inspiring place to work in, regardless of its small size. The space has amply used a corner of a room. There isn’t much- there’s one desk with a shelf on either side.

The interesting thing about the shelf nearer to the window is its ladder-like style. The largest space on the shelf is reserved for the ubiquitous computer, one of the most necessary tools for anyone who works these days. The shelf above that houses stationery, books and other small objects that are owned by the artist. The shelf is made of wood that has been painted black. Black is a color that is effective in making an object, piece of furniture, or room, look sleeker and more sophisticated.

The shorter table in the middle is filled with another assortment of things like a scanner, printer, boxes with papers, cataloging files, etc. It is in an organized chaos and that arrangement is what lends to the charm of the overall workspace. When a workspace is TOO neat, it tends to be uninspiring and boring.

There is a pretty white circular clock on the table. Clocks are barely used these days, thanks to the existence of computers and cell phones, but this adds a quirky touch. The art work on the walls is lovely. The artist has also personalized the wall by hanging postcards and photographs.

On the other side of the desk is a relatively tall bookshelf filled with books. For an artist or a writer, it is important to always have books that can be used for constant reference. Books are the best decoration for any workspace.

Over all, this workspace is well maintained, professional, yet quirky and filled with the personality of the owner. It is a lovely space to work in. One could never get bored here.

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